Big Money Free Bonuses

Casinos compete for high rollers for a reason. These are the people that drive online sites and for this reason many sites offer great high roller bonuses as a way to reel these people in and keep them playing on their site. While large spenders may be fewer in number than regular casino players, overall they contribute more to the revenue of the site. Online operators know this and have created a strategy to cater to this smaller group of people.

High roller bonuses in casinos come in 2 forms. The first way is that there is a specific, independent offer available for big spenders. This provides for larger bonuses available for larger deposits. Most sites offer a 100% deposit match with a set limit, for example $100. This means that if you deposit $100 you will receive a $100 bonus, but a gambler who deposits $1000 will also only receive $100. This is not very attractive for the big spender. This is why the online casinos have developed a separate bonus for these groups. Often times, this will involve a VIP membership on the site.

Another approach for high roller bonuses that has been created by some casinos involves a unified offer for every type of player. This type of offer has a set of parameters that will provide big spenders with the benefits that they are looking for. Regular players may not be able to exploit the offers completely, but will be able to gain the benefits of the offer based on the amounts that they wager. One site offers a huge 100% deposit match on the first 20 deposits made on the site. This is the largest offer of this kind and gives high rollers a match of up to $1000 for each deposit. This means that a big depositor could claim up to a $20,000 bonus if he or she makes a $1000 deposit each time.

There are some sites that do not specify an upper limit on their offer amounts. Instead, they provide a time limit of seven days after opening an account for making deposits. Players can earn a 200% match on every deposit that is made within this time frame. If a big spender wants to make a deposit of $1000 each day for a week he will be able to earn a bonus of $14,000. Of course, the wagering requirements will have to be met in order to release this money.

For high rollers, the first approach tends to make them feel more special as there is an offer that is set up just for them. The second approach makes everyone joining the site feel as if they are getting the best deal, which can be beneficial for the casino. However, when you analyze both methods it is easy to see that they actually offer the same thing and serve the same purpose: to get new players onto the site.