Cash Drop Is A Little Known Mr Green Casino Bonus - Check It Out!

They seek him here, they seek him there, but one never knows where our well-heeled globe trotter will turn up next. Maybe he's dropped in for a hand of Blackjack in Monte Carlo or maybe he can be located in Bellagio to review a game of Roulette. When he returns a Mr Green casino bonus is bound to be close by. As he shares some wonderful stories of his recent exploits.

Having fun and surprises are what it's all about. Well known for the Mr Green Casino bonus, one can quickly see it comes in many shapes and forms. He caught many unaware with his Million Summer Spins free spin bonus which started on June 22, 2015 till July 5, 2015.

A million bonus spins rained down upon happy account holders as they got rewarded for reloading their accounts with 4 different tiers from 10-140 free spins that could be claimed a total of four times.

This gave players from all over the world a fabulous opportunity of sharing in on some special bonus cash, as only Mr Green well and truly knows how to distribute amongst his happy throng of players. Truth be known, one never knows when something special is always about to happen, but it's fair to say looking through the customers eyes, as far as bonuses go, when it rains, it pours!

The staple diet of slot players as everyone knows is free spins and Mr Green has hundreds of incredible slot games scattered across its bustling casino. On specific days during different campaigns, a player can make a deposit in their account at the same time also picking up some extra free spins, to play a favorite game without any risk on their behalf.

They also have special Cash Drops. This is where Mr Green chooses to spend time amongst his customer friends and select a special game on which he then decides "Cash Drop" will now be played on.

This automatically gives the "green light" for special cash prizes to "drop" into players accounts that participate in these special events and the amount can vary anywhere from $5- $250. Players are selected at random, so it's good to check this out on a daily basis as the participant totals can dramatically vary, and if one is always in, one has always got a chance to win!

With special promotions like the Extra Spring Spins, and different themes that are run throughout the year, players have numerous opportunities to stockpile free spins each time they deposit $20 and take part in the offer. One can use the campaign calculator on the site and track how many have been collected ready to be played!

A recent Mr Green casino bonus was the creation of 200 Limited Edition Mr Green Bicycles all individually built by hand in Germany to a classic exclusive design and awarded to a lucky opt in player as the weeks rolled by. One never knows what's up and coming next, just that it's bound to be something fun. It always is at Mr Green!